About JHL Sound

JHL Sound is located in Pacific Palisades, California.
The studio offers excellent selection of modern and vintage keyboards and effects including Minimoog (with MIDI control), Fender Rhodes 88, Wurlitzer Electric Piano and Yamaha DS6 piano.

If you are interested in recording with Jeff, please contact JHL Sound with description of your project and your contact information. Demo submission instruction will be emailed to you. Upon screening, you will be contacted if the project seems like a good fit.

Jeff also accepts a limited number of private students at JHL Sound studio. If you are in greater Los Angeles area and interested in studying with Jeff, please email Jeff with your contact information and what your goals are for learning.

Below are the links to lessons Jeff has authored for Keyboard Magazine (includes sound files):
Jeff Lorber on Pentatonic Soloing in Fusion
Jeff Lorber on Blues Soloing Concepts
Modal Improvisation for Jazz, Fusion, and Rock Soloing by Jeff Lorber
Jeff Lorber Pumps Up Your Solos with ii-V Progressions
Jeff Lorber on Funk Comping