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The Jeff Lorber Fusion (1977, Inner City)
Soft Space (1978, Inner City)
Water Sign (1979, Arista)
Wizard Island (1980, Arista)
Galaxian (1981, Arista)
It's a Fact (1982, Arista)
In The Heat Of The Night (1984, Arista)
Step By Step (1985, Arista)
Lift Off (1985, Arista)
Private Passion (1986, Warner Bros. Records)
Worth Waiting For (1993, Verve-Forecast)
West Side Stories (1994, Verve-Forecast)
State of Grace (1996, Verve-Forecast)
Midnight (1998, Zebra Records)
The Definitive Collection (2000, Arista Records)
Kickin' It (2001, Samson Records)
The Very Best of Jeff Lorber (2002, Verve/GRP)
Philly Style (2003, Narada Jazz)
Flipside (2005, Narada Jazz)
He Had a Hat (2007, Blue Note)
Heard That (2008, Peak Records)
Now Is The Time (2010, Heads Up)
Galaxy (2012, Heads Up)
Hacienda (2013, Heads Up)
Step It Up (2015, Heads Up)
The Jeff Lorber Fusion, "Galaxian"
1981 Arista Records [AL 9545]
Reissued on CD in 2004 in Japan [BVCJ-37357]
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Reissued on CD in 2013 by Wounded Bird Records [WOU 9545]

Produced by: Jeff Lorber and Rik Pekkonen

Jeff Lorber: Keyboards
Kenny Gorelick: alto & tenor saxophone, Flute
Dennis Bradford: Drums
Danny Wilson: Electric Bass
Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion


[1] Monster Man
[2] Seventh Mountain
[3] Magic Lady
[4] Night Love
[1] Spur of the Moment
[2] Think Back and Remember
[3] Bright Sky
[4] Galaxian